We Are a Growing Community

New Building for Younger Sisters


This image is of the construction plans for a building to house our younger Sisters.

We have a "Vocation Crisis"


Our  Postulants, Novices and Sisters in Temporary Vows.  As we grow we have more vocations than we can adequately house.

Currently They are in Crowded Conditions


Until we have funding for the new building, our younger Sisters share bunk-bed arrangements.

Our Convent Dinning Room


All of our Facilities are simple and basic.  Our construction plans are similarly very basic, no frills, to fit our monastic life styles.

The Floor Plan of the New Building


This two story building will have 32 bedrooms for the younger Sisters, plus 4 suites for Sisters on staff as well as numerous other facilities.  

Outside Support is Essential


The total cost of this vital addition to our Mother House is $300,000 US Dollars.  Very economical considering the size of this building.