Health Care

Building, maintaning & staffing dispensaries


Many of our Sisters are trained and serve as Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Lab Tech's, pharmacists and administrators to carry out Christ's healing presence.

Serving the most needy


We provide health care to thousands of ruaral Tanzanians, including at no cost for those who are not able to pay.  Often a chicken or small bag of rice as payment. 

A setback in our Health Care Services


After years of fundraising a new dispensary was completed in 2016.  Just a day before the offical opening,a gas leak inignited and destroyed the facility.  We continue in our old building, as the only fully functioning health service for a large, multiple village area...until we can rebuild. 


Creating the Future!

Providing quality education to prepare our youth to be valuble members of our country and Church.  A good number of our Sisters are engaged in various levels of Education.



It all starts with little ones.  This includes socialization training as well as the "3 R's".


Secondary Schools

Higher Education is highly valued, increasingly more important in the lives of young Tanzanians.

Trade School


 Carpentry, Electrical Technicians, Water Well Drilling, and Tailoring are among the trade skills provided to prepare an entry into a life of self sufficiency.  


Life skills are so vital as Tanzania moves from a rural agrarian culture to urbanization.


Trades offer new options for young people to become self reliant.