Servant of God Sr. Bernadette

Our Community is Blessed

A member of our Community, Sister Bernadette Mbawala, OSB has been honored by the Catholic Church when in 2013 she was declared to be a Servant of God. This is the first formal step toward Beatification and hopefully full recognition as a Saint. The process of postulating her toward Sainthood continues when she may well become the first Tanzanian to achieve this great honor.

Born in 1911, Bernadette had such poor health that her mother, a devout Christian dedicated her to God if she would survive. Bernadette did indeed offer her life to God when she made profession as a Benedictine Nun in 1934.  While continuing to suffer greatly with physical maladies, she was much beloved by her community for her prayerful life as she offered her suffering without complaint.  She was universally regarded by all who knew her for her exceptional holiness.  When she died at the age of 39 her short life became such an inspiration that many who knew her already considered her a Saint. 

To download and read a short biography of her life as a PDF document follow these two steps:

Copy this file:SrBernadeta-Booklet.pdf

Then open Adobe Acrobat Reader and in the file search paste this file to download the booklet.